1600, Panda drawing by Pixie Cold - 3080.

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1600, Panda drawing by Pixie Cold
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1600 - Panda, awesome pencil drawing artwork by artist Pixie Cold from Germany

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Pixie Cold, Germany


more info: The name of my newest painting is -1600- because this is the number of the panda's who are still living in real nature... The rest is caged by Zoo's and privat owners! I tried to think about a world without all these special animals like Pandas, Tigers, Elephants and all the others who are endangered... And I wasnt able to finish that thought... because this is crazy what the bad people did with all these animals! Why are we so dump that we want to own everything and destroy what we love? But what can we change? Its so difficult... Maybe we can think of them, love them, pay homage to them because nature is the highes and stronges power and the most holy gift we got in this Life! Lets show the bad our love and light and fight for our mother nature!